Go Jeep Littleton - SCAMMED CONSUMER

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Not resolved

I went to Go Jeep in Littleton Colorado to purchase a 2009 Jeep Liberty on March 2009 but due to my credit they asked if I had someone to help cosign or finance the vehicle for me so I called my mother in Michigan and she agreed.They let me drive the car off the lot without a contract or financing.

They asked me what I wanted on the car and I specifically told them to add an extended warranty, they decided to add everything except an extended warranty which I didn't ask for or approve nor did my mother. I never received a contract and still do not have one in year 2012. I have asked several times so has my mother in Michigan. I also have an issue where I have had to replace the brake light 1 week after driving the car off the lot, I also replaced the brakes 2 times after 11k miles and now my car won't start and have no idea why because it is only 3 yrs old.

I should be protected and stop this should be resolved.Please help me get out of this mess.

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